Mathew Axelrod

Each man they say has a destiny to create.
Mine seems to be riddled with rejection, say fate.

But what I know is true is my potential to accrue,
the many moments of life when there is only one thing to do. 

Go fourth with vigor into the sun,
and accomplish what some call the impossibly done

This is my Friend Gabe Yonkler from High School. We used to tear it up in the OHS band room at 6:45am.. now he is making a name for himself. If you like what you hear, pass it on.

Check out his youtube page for some of his other stuff. It is all a work in progress now but I have a feeling we will be seeing some solid recordings soon. Cheers Gabe, keep throwing stuff at us…. 

Took this shot on 5/2/10.. Yellow Tulip

Took this shot on 5/2/10.. Yellow Tulip

Great source for music industry news

So this must be the UK in me but this site is another great outlet for Industry news. While most of the articles focus on international and UK markets, they sometimes shed great light and an outside prospective of the US market. Certainly worth a gander…

"The Folks you help won’t remember it and the folks you hurt won’t ever forget it"

"The Folks you help won’t remember it and the folks you hurt won’t ever forget it"

"Your favorite music you've never heard"

With a url like, who wouldn’t give it a click?! This has been one of my favorite websites for some time. I was turned onto it randomly about a year and a half ago and have discovered some AMAZING music. If you have an open mind about what you listen to and are looking for a new artist to check out this is one place I would definitely turn to. Only downside to the site is they don’t post nearly enough, but when they do it is usually quality.

Check it out.. it becomes addicting. :-)

Sex is like having dinner: sometimes you joke about the dishes, sometimes you take the meal seriously.

—Woody Allen 

Great Rant on Music Journalism

Check this out.. Some great insight into the state of music Journalism.. he brings up some really interesting and thought provoking points. O and did I mention it is extremely entertaining? 

Thanks to Dahan / Scafide for the link 

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is the anniversary of my Bar-Mitzvah… now while this is not a huge thing to celebrate it really got me thinking. It has been 9 years since I became a “Man” within the Jewish faith and at present day I could not feel more disconnected from the religion. 

I remember the period of my Bar-Mitzvah quite clearly. It seemed every Saturday was taken up by the standard service, cocktail hour, and DJ party. (by the end i felt I knew every DJ in town.. repeats were always fun as for some reason they tended to remember me)

At the time I was proud to be part of the Jewish community. I prided myself on continuing my Jewish education through community service, worship, and class. After my Bar-Mitzvah I went on to be an active participant in Hebrew High School and eventually became the President of our Youth organization. It seemed a vast majority of my life revolved around the roots of my religion and at the time I did not mind. I was drawn towards it and to this day I think it helped me become a better person.

I now ask myself; what happened? Why is it 9 years later and it is like pulling teeth to get me to attend a service or actively praise the religion? While it may sound like this is something that upsets me, it is quite the contrary. What intrigues me is the degradation of my dedication to the religion.

Part of me believes that it was my synaguage itself that pushed me away. Whether it was my Rabbi getting arrested for getting pulled over with 27 grams of pot or the sudden sense of feeling un-wanted at our little hangout behind the stage; I cannot deny the fact that my synagogue itself had something to do with my distain. 

While I feel like I have pushed away due to social pressures, changes in life, and my synagogue; I hold pride in the fact that the fundamental lessons I learned while deeply enriched in the Jewish faith and culture have ultimately bettered me.

Forever I will remember the good times and the bad and every year at least on this day I will look back and reflect on how my past involvement has helped me become a man of honor, trust, and respect. 

Swoop Unit

—Land Shark

I came across this band Swoop Unit a couple days ago.. they are AWESOME.. As most of you know I’m all about the grooving tunes that make you just want to get up and move. This band pretty much epitomizes that. 

They remind me a lot of Soulive, although there grooves are not quite intense they make for a great listen. 

The Song Land Shark (above) is one of my favorites… probably cause its the one i figured out how to play on my sax :-p 

If you enjoy, please support… check out there MySpace to hear more!!